Paz for Provocateur

In her short career, Paz de la Huerta has built up a reputation as a flasher of lingerie, and body parts. Who could forget the now infamous shots of the Boardwalk Empire actress sozzled outside the Golden Globes after-party, exposing her 'friends' to all the world and waiting paps? So Agent Provocateur have cannily decided that there's no-one better in the business to front their latest campaign, which displays the best lingerie to sport for public appearances.

Paz has recently got herself into more hot water, after pleading guilty to harassment, and being sentenced to a day of community service. The wild child admitted attempting to knock out reality star Samantha Swetra. De la Huerta first hurtled (sorry) to fame through modelling campaigns for Zac Posen, before being snapped up by legendary director Martin Scorcese, for his 'Bugsy Malone for grown-ups' drama, Boardwalk Empire. Paz, playing on her reputation, plays a saucy gangsters Moll, alongside Steve Buscemi.

Of the shoot, Agent Provocateur's head of campaigns told The Daily Mail, 'We always try and choose girls that are true Agent Provocateurs, and she definitely is AP through and through. She's got an amazing body and she's naturally very, very sexy. We wanted [the campaign] to be a little more riskier in a way. I thought, Why don't we do a campaign that celebrates that you're wearing Agent Provocateur...a guide to how to strategically flash your lingerie?'

So there's no excuse for Paz to be bra-less ever again...

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