Payless shoes gives you great quality at low prices

If you're searching the Net for the term 'payless shoes', chances are that you're looking for a specific online retailer. The good news is that heading over to Payless.com will take you straight there, so your search has just come to an end! If you're still not convinced, read on to see why you should visit this site.

This online shoe store seems to pride itself in customer service and the product info page (http://www.payless.com/store/home/productinfo.jsp) is a real example of the attention to detail. This page not only details how to size yourself so you're able to buy a pair of shoes that will fit like a dream, but it also outlines general tips on how to care for different types of shoes.

The variety at this site is absolutely incredible and you'll find it all here from athletic shoes to boots, from flats to pumps and heels, it's all in stock. The low prices on offer makes it easy to find bargains, and new arrivals start at around $25.00 and athletic shoes start at around $20.00. If you're really after a bargain you could visit the final clearance section. A pair of Sundance strappy wedge sandals sells here for only $12.00, and that's a massive saving on the regular price of $26.99. A pair of Tiffany gladiator sling sandals can be yours for only $10.00, so it's easy to see how this site is kind to your budget.

If you're UK based you won't be able to shop here, unfortunately.  The site only ships to US and Hawaii addresses and the actual outlets are all based in the US. Luckily there are other sites that cater for UK consumers!

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