Pavers snow boots; stylish and functional!

Pavers snow boots are the perfect boot for the fashion conscious holidaymaker. If you take a lot of winter holidays and love the snow then a decent pair of snow boots are always a necessity. We have found some top notch offering online from Pavers, let's have a look.

Womens Black Winter Snow: These are a great pair of waterproof, fleece lined, zip up at the front snow boots that will do everything you need from a snow boots while looking stylish.

They also have a solid rubber sole, this means you can wear them in the city or on any type of terrain if you want. The best part of it all? They only cost £25 for a pair of these fantastic Pavers snow boots. You can find them on the Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk) website so be sure to check out Amazon for the lowest prices.

Pavers Cissy: These are an ultra lightweight snow boot with a fleece lining and a faux fur cuff. They are waterproof thanks to a Teflon coating and they have a decent tread to making walking in tough terrain a breeze.

The Shoe Shop (http://www.shoe-shop.com) is the place to be this time. Again they are amazingly well priced at only £29.99, this seems to be a Pavers thing, high quality at an affordable price. It really is no wonder that Pavers are hugely popular with prices like that.

There you have it, the ever popular Pavers snow boots are online for under £30, buy them while you can!

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