Paris Fashion Week 2013: Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter collection

By-past atmospheres of the Thirties and Forties, intriguing and mysterious boudoir, where in the dim light beautiful dishevelled women look at themselves in mirrors wearing delicate, silky robes that wrap around their bodies. A melancholic and decadent femininity, sophisticated and sometimes noir, represents Louis Vuitton's idea of woman for Autumn-Winter 2013.

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As the final curtain fell yesterday on Paris Fashion Week 2013, we recall the precious memories of what has been the absolute triumph of an ever more creative and ingenious Marc Jacobs. Louis Vuitton's runway show was one of the most fascinating and exciting ever seen. A complex set design, an Agatha Christie inspired hotel, where the doors of a long corridor quickly open and close. Sensual and charming models wearing slightly messy black bobs à la garçonne peep out from opened doors that seem hiding dark secrets and mysteries.

Mesmerising was the appearance on the catwalk of a superb Kate Moss, caressed by a long ethereal dress, made of see-through fabric and embellished with crystals and feathers. Louis Vuitton's woman looks uninhibited but also fragile and sensitive, reminiscent of the divas of the Forties, like the unforgettable Greta Garbo.

Marc Jacobs plays an intriguing game, that dares showing off warm and soft mink fur on top of negligees and dressing gowns in precious silk satin. He presents us with fragmented images, which appear maliciously stolen, turning spectators into voyeurs of a Hitchcock movie. Tailored jackets are paired to cheeky culottes, crocodile pencil skirts are worn with visible bras, hidden away by Astrakhan coats.

It's not only a sought-after desire to impress and be sensual with an ultra feminine retro style. The collection also featured beautiful tailored coats and longuettes, decorated with micro botanical prints, which return to grace next Winter's wardrobe. Pencil trousers made of Prince of Wales tartan and pinstripes fabric embroidered with sequins and feathers or flowers that add a girly touch.

Accessories, especially bags rigorously without logo, were a big part of the show. The precious Lockit in alligator, nonchalantly held by hand stole the spotlight, as well as the Speedy in mink with wooden handles. It's quite clear that fur will be a must for Autumn/Winter 2013.

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