Where to Find Parallel Blizzard Kids Snow Boots

Many parents automatically think Parallel Blizzard kids snow boots when winter comes and snow prevails. They are known to provide complete protection from snow and water while giving the feet unparalleled comfort. This is accomplished by the highly breathable, waterproof isodry liner that covers the inside of the boot. The faux fur lining on the opening of most Parallel Blizzard boots add to the warmth of the synthetic sheepskin covering, keeping the sub-zero temperatures at bay throughout the season.

Finding Parallel Blizzard Boots

A simple search on the Internet will reveal a number of retailers who stock Parallel snow boots within the UK region. We have listed a couple of them here below.

Mountainwarehouse.com is a popular seller of winter clothing and mountain travel gear. They stock a variety of brands of children’s snow boots including Parallel’s Blizzard brand. With £29.99 you can get a stylish grey pair of Blizzard snow boots. This is quite a steal, considering it is 25% off the recommended retail price of £39.99. Alternatively you can go for the cheaper Caribou brand for £12.99.

Ebay.co.uk provides a more pocket friendly price through its well known bidding system. A lucky shopper found a pretty pink pair of Parallel Blizzard snow boots at a mere £6.50. The problem is that delivery may take longer than UK-based retailers. The buyer of the boots will have to wait for up to five days to present their kids with the shoes, as opposed to the 24 hours within which most retailers within the UK promise to have made the delivery. Still, your tiny tots won’t mind waiting a little longer for their Parallel Blizzard kids snow boots will they?

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