Our guide to giving generously this Chrismas

Scouting through the national papers recently, we realised that many are advertising some rather luxurious gift ideas this year. With City bonuses not exactly bursting at the seams coupled with house price dramas, perhaps the sports cars and country homes will get a miss this year in place for one of these gift ideas:

1) William Westmancott suit - bespoke power dressing for "the man who has everything", this Saville Row tailor has dome up with a suit for no less than £45,000. Stocking filler mayhem!

2) Blue Lagoon Island, Fiji - a snip at £25,000,000 and more likely a safer bet than a house in the home counties at the moment

3) Sikorsky helicopter - a mere £6,000,000 will buy you a little runaround. Great gift idea for anyone wanting to avoid the congestion charge.

4) Painball panzer tank - if you've been shot on the paintball field more often than you can say "duck", perhaps now is the time to put a minature paintball tank on your Chrismas list. It's only £8,000 and you'll have more fun in it than the boring old DB9.

5) Malmaison diamond cutlery set - nip along to Selfridges and pick your mum up a nice set from Christofle. You'll be parting with £200,000, but what's a few thousand between friends and family?

Take a look at them here.

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