Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence Red Carpet Dress: our pick

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The 23-year-old American actress Jennifer Lawrence has an ongoing tradition of achieving the best dressed actress title as well as ranking up on acting awards!

Red Carpets are not a challenge for the Hunter Games beloved heroine, also because Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Dior have been collaborating since 2012. In fact, Lawrence is a spokesperson for the French fashion house, and of course she has taken good advantage of it.

At the Annual Actors guild awards the American Hustle star wore a strapless sequin Dior dress, elegant and sexy, matched only with a pair of bold earing as accessories. Needless to say, it was a head turner and a win-win.

For the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Los Angeles, Lawrence picked a sheer gown - a strapless bodysuit with see-through overlay. The effect was: WOW!

Least but not last: remember last year's Oscars award show? The beautiful actress looked like an authentic Hollywood princess in the fairy-tale style gown, with a long train that famously created a little problem on the stairs at the Academy Awards. Nevertheless, the precious dress was reportedly 'the most beautiful dress' she'd ever seen, as the actress witnessed it being hand stitched in the Parisian atelier 'with no sawing machine in sight'.

It goes without saying, the Dior style suites Jennifer a lot, and the princely gowns are indeed a win win for what concerns the red carpet of the most longed for film awards of the world.

On the other hand though, the young actress has shown an interest for alternative looks, and when not wearing Dior she has picked some extravagant outfits, with cropped top and midi-length skirt for instance, a bit more high-spirited and daring.

So for the upcoming 86th Academy Awards, we wish Jennifer Lawrence to double last year's success both as an actress and as a style icon, and invite her to choose from the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2014 collection the most daring and at the same time sophisticated, feminine and flattering dress we have spotted at the Paris Fashion Week runaway show last January... take a look at our photo gallery and find out what we are talking about!

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We believe this dress to be perfect choice for Jennifer Lawrence for the red carpet of the upcoming Oscars award show 2014. Don't you?

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