Oscars 2014 Cate Blanchet Red Carpet dress: our pick

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Cate Blanchet is a style icon. Simple as that. Every time she appears on a red carpet, it's like seen an unearthly creature taking form in front of us: class, innate good taste and tons of grace are just some of her most evident qualities.

The Blue Jasmine actress has never disappointed us, her choice of outfit always the most appropriate and flattering, sometimes more rigorous, other more frivolous, according mostly to the type of film she was presenting – adding to her renowned professionalism.

From the hairstyle to the footwear, through jewellery and accessories, Cate knows how to match any outfit to complete and perfect her style. We are sure that, hadn't she been such a great actress, she would have made a successful career in fashion design.

It would be impossible to list all her red carpet winner styles along the years, but one recent example for all will do: just think of the black, heavy satin Alexander McQueen gown with silver floral detail she wore at the BAFTA Awards 2014, beautifully paired with a heavy silver pendant and classical looking updo.

So what do we think would be fit to be worn by such a style icon for the great Academy Awards night next March 2014 in Hollywood?

Well, as it happens, last month at the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture runaway show, Valentino presented a line of princely, richly manufactured evening gowns as part of his Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Beautifully sophisticated, some of these long dresses were just in a perfect Blanchet style.

PHOTO GALLERY Cate Blanchet Red Carpet looks

Amongst them, one in particular seems to be the perfect match, thanks to its colour and design: a bronze, sheer veil gown embroidered with floral patterns. Take a look at our gallery and see what you think!

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