Oscar Della Rentas spring/summer 2010

Refined, feminine, elegant: these are the principle concepts of Oscar Della Rentes. The stylist has once again seduced the fashion world with a a sublime spring/summer 2010 collection, presented at, you guessed it, New York Fashion Week. (Well where else?)

The show opened to a storm of safari, including a delicious grey/blue silk suit with oversized sleeves (we love) cinched in at the waist with an uber elegant belt. Make no mistake, Oscar Della Rentas' inspiration is 'woman on the move' or 'traveller chic'.

The eclectic collection also included the oh so simple but oh so chic trench studded with precious stones and beads; lacy minidresses and flamenco style evening dresses in organza and chiffon, and hats. Head furniture came in the form of colourful panamas or bowlers complete with subtle lacy veils taking inspiration from the paintings of Goya. Accessories were also big news. Jewelled clutch bags with ostrich and exotic feather spelled uber luxury for the woman who knows no financial crisis!

Take a look.

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