Orlando and Charlize get the Uniqlo-look

When it was announced that Japanese retailer Uniqlo had appointed Orlando Bloom and Charlize Theron as its global brand ambassadors we were surprised. They have the ‘global’ part OK, but brand ambassadors for a high street label which specializes in just left-of-centre laid-back cool? Could Orlando pull off the kooky Japanese t shirt and bright orange puffa jacket combo? Would glamourpuss Charlize really look at home in a pair of slouchy jeans? Well the answer seems to be…YES.

Styled by Nicola Formichetti (the man responsible for many of Gaga’s wildest looks, plus contributing fashion editor for Dazed & Confused), Orlando and Charlize both look pretty darn hot in the new series of photographs which have been released along with video adverts on Formichetti’s blog.

Watch Charlize Theron’s video here.

Watch Orlando Bloom’s video here.

The ads have been created to promote Uniqlo’s ‘Made For All’ campaign, which ‘promises to provide clothing that transcends gender, age and nationality—clothing for everyone, everywhere’, according to InStyle.com. They have certainly got us hooked.

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