Purchasing Online Handbags

We are now in the age of online handbags. Gone are the days when one thought of buying a handbag by doing kilometres of footwork while window shopping. We have even almost completely bypassed the age of browsing catalogues and making orders by phone. Now all these processes have been condensed into a few clicks of a button.

How Online Handbags Work

It helps to know where to start looking, as the Internet is a vast repository of information that can be quite overwhelming. We have compiled the list below to help out.

  • Shopstyle.co.uk
  • Ukhandbags.com
  • Fashionshop.co.uk
  • Leathershop.co.uk

Every type of bag is available online, from your favourite wrist bag to snake skin purses. You just need to be clear on what you want.


The most obvious disadvantage of shopping for designer bags online is that you may not always get what you see. This is especially true when dealing with websites that are not operated by the company that produces the bags. You may order a bag only to find that it had already gone out of stock. Worse still, the handbag delivered to you may not have been the exact one you had ordered. To be fair, a number of the online retailers selling these bags have found ways of dealing with these issues and ensuring their stocks are fully up to date.


Do prices for bags sold online differ from those sold in brick-and-mortar stores? Not by much, but there is a slight difference. To encourage online purchases, some fashion stores may lower the online prices. There will often be a £2 or £5 difference between online handbags and those purchased from a physical outlet.

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