Onesie daywear: the latest fashion trend

You are probably wondering what the buzz is all about when it comes to onesie daywear. It is the most exciting trend of 2012 and still going strong. The famous babygrow suit has even celebrities promoting their appeal from hunky Brad Pitt while shopping to Cheryl Cole while visiting the Eiffel Tower. There's no stopping the fascination of people and fashion lovers for onesies.

What the fuss is all about

A onesie is a single body suit similar to a pajama. It looks like one and should function as one. Only people have discovered the comfort of wearing them in public outside of the confines of their bedroom. They come in different shapes, designs and styles from mono to colourful prints. There is a zipper close in front or at the back so you could get in and out.

  • Comfort with a catch

Maybe part of the attraction of wearing them is they are comfortable. In addition, they're really fuss-free except for the part when you need to use the bathroom. You’ll practically need to step out of the onesie or disrobe yourself halfway just to do your business.

  • Getting popular

In spite of this inconvenience, the fashion craze is just getting stronger and even celebrities are wearing them, too. No fashion endorsement is as effective as a celebrity or famous personality wearing onesie daywear.

  • Where to buy

If you are daring enough to wear a romper, we can suggest a few places to look. ASOS and Amazon UK has several pieces of onesies for daywear. They are better cut and designed to show a silhouette and not just hide excess flabs and bulges. Embellishments and trims are also added for a cute look or dare we say, sophisticated look while maintaining a girly feel. Men can also wear a babygrow in different styles, colours and with tame or outrageous prints. We go back to Brad Pitt wearing a baggy onesie. Kate Moss was also seen wearing onesie with a belt cinched at the waist and stylish high boots.

Would you dare wear one?

We admit, wearing onesie as daywear outfit in public takes a lot of guts. However, they have their redeeming qualities, too. Onesies are comfortable and they're easy to get in and out especially when you’re trying clothes. And with the summer just a few months away, onesies might even get more popular and probably jazzier. Wearing onesies is all about how you can pull it off without appearing ludicrous, looking like a clown, a mechanic, or an overgrown infant.

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