One Hel of a story

Helena Christensen has been a soldier on the front-line of fashion for almost 20 years, so who better to bring us tales of supermodel derring do and disaster? No-one, that's who.

Helena told Vogue, 'I was once stranded on a broken-down boat in shark-infested waters in the middle of the Indian Ocean for five days before we were rescued while doing a Vogue shoot. We ended up shooting the story on our way to the airport on the last day.' Ooh, scary. What other tales do you have, Hels?

Well,'I just did a Duran Duran video with Naomi, Yasmin, Cindy and Eva and it was like the good old days, with the five of us cracking up over some ridiculous memories we share. I see Christy once in a while. She is a very funny, very smart lady, that one.' Ah yes, we love those stories of supermodels being both gorgeous, and funny and intelligent (ugh, we hate it)...

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