One Direction Store In London

The internet is full of rumours that the next One Direction store to be opened in the UK will be in London. At the moment there’s no One Direction Store London but 1D Pop Up stores have been known to appear from time to time in London and the band had a dedicated store in Leeds last year.

1D Stores

Fans will be hoping that a 1D Store arrives in London pretty soon but there don’t appear to be any concrete plans to open a One Direction Store London just now. When one opens, the boys will be hoping that it reproduces the success the 1D store in Leeds experienced when it opened in March 2013.

1D store Leeds

The store was open for three weeks, and as you’d expect for that time it only stocked One Direction merchandise. That store had 5000 foot of floor space dedicated to the band’s merchandise. It stocked exclusive gear including T-shirts, phone covers, baseball caps and onesies that weren’t available anywhere else. Other merchandise like calendars, posters and life sized cardboard cut outs of the band were also produced for the store before other 1D stores go their hands on them.

1D pop up stores

Other “pop up” 1D stores have appeared across the globe following the band’s international success so fans in American cities like Chicago, New York, Boston and Phoenix have already been able to experience a One Direction World store. Canadian fans in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton have had their own stores to visit, as have Australian One Direction fans in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Europe has been covered by stores in Barcelona, Stockholm and Milan.

A true one directioner experience

Everyone’s crying out for a One Direction store in London so it won’t be long before the capital is graced with a 1D Store. Since there have been other stores in major cities like New York, Melbourne and Milan, the boys will have to respond to their local fans by giving them a store all of their own.

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