On the hunt for children jackets?

It’s a fact, like it or not, children jackets are quickly grown out of and need to be replaced. The problem is you don’t have enough money to spend, right? Wrong. With so many sales on the Internet, you can make the price meet your needs this winter, and not the other way around.

Kid’s Winter Clothes

Kids grow out of clothes so fast, it makes no sense to buy them expensive clothes. Take a little time and scour the Internet for prices. Nice looking clothes for kids can be a lot cheaper than you’d expect. Check out the following sites, and find great winter apparel for your children this season:

  • raindrops.co.uk
  • littletrekkers.co.uk
  • designer-kids.co.uk

Prices on Jackets

Finding a good jacket can be hard, but once you find a good one, you’ll never worry about your child being uncomfortable. All of the sites listed above have a wide variety of jackets for children. Now take a look at some of the prices they offer as well.


Winter jacket £45; Down winter £60; Black or Blue Parka £39.95; Girls Ski Jacket £60; Alpine Red Ski Jacket £52


Bush Baby Hoody Top £13.49; Bush Baby Kosi Jacket £14.99; Dare 2b Nipper Fleece £6.99; Spotty Otter Fleece Lined Jacket £53.99; Regatta Maisieday £24.99; Didriksons Camden Kids Jacket £49.99


Boys - Camel Overcoat w/hat £34.99; Mayoral Gillet/Coat set £33.59; Mayoral Baby Hooded Cardy £16.79

Girls - Red Velvet Hooded Smocked Coat from Abella £63.99; Ivory Coat and Hat from Abella £68.99; Pink Padded Jacket w/ Mitts £44.99; Pink Knitted Coat and Hat Set both from Emile et Rose £39.99


There are lots of sales all over the Internet. Matalan.co.uk has their Black Light Weight Bomber Jacket down to £12 from £18. Many of the Outdoorkit.co.uk (thick) jackets are currently running for 10% off. Now at Trekwear.co.uk, you can find kids ski jackets for as low as £19.99. Now that you know where the deals are, you can easily save money on children jackets.

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