Old Dress, New Hat

Kate Middleton has garnered praise for her sartorial decisions whilst on a nine day Royal Canadian Tour. Her Canadian hosts have been particularly won over by her bold decision to team an old favourite, a white Reiss dress which the Duchess wore for her official engagement portrait, with a striking red maple leaf hat by milliner Sylvia Fletcher.

The 29-year-old pleased the crowds at a citizenship ceremony in Ottawa by not only looking stunning, but by sporting their national symbol. Twice. As well as the unmissable maple leaf on her head, the latest addition to the Royal Family wore a maple leaf-shaped diamond brooch which she had borrowed from a new in-law, the Queen.

Speaking to MailOnline TV fashion expert Louise Roe said: ’This outfit is such a home-run, for multiple reasons. First up, she's diplomatically - and stylishly - paying respect to Canada with their national colours and the maple leaf motif on her fab headpiece. Secondly, the recessionista princess strikes again! Re-using old clothes not only makes her more relatable, but the fact that it's the very same dress she won Britain's heart in, reminds us of why we love her.’ Good move, Middleton!

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