Office of Fair Tweeting?

Liz Hurley has found herself in a spot of bother with the Office of Fair Trading over claims that she has been endorsing Estee Lauder products through her Twitter account without declaring whether she has been paid by the company for her Tweets, writes the Daily Mail.

Although Liz has a very public and long-standing relationship with the beauty brand, having modelled for Estee Lauder for 17 years, the Government's consumer watchdog is launching a crackdown on members of the Twitterati who neglect to declare their financial interest in product-endorsing.

According to the Mail, Liz's Twitter page contains at least ten references to Estee Lauder's products, such as:

‘If your skin is dry from too much central heating, try Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist serum. Just used for first time & it’s divine.’ – January 5

Her spokesman would not say whether or not her deal with the brand requires her to Tweet on its behalf but Liz has entered the fray today by responding via her Twitter page:

'It's hardly a secret that I work for Estee Lauder-I've modelled for them for 17 yrs! Love telling u about their products-they're the best xx'

You stole the words right out of our mouths, Liz.

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