We check out where you can buy occasion dresses for larger women

Are you a plus size woman sick of not being able to find nice occasion wear for nights out? The world of Plus Size Clothing has been slow to catch up with the style of the times, but it is beginning to change, with a lot of online retailers now offering some gorgeous occasion dresses for larger women. In this blog, we are going to show you some of these companies.

If you are wary about buying clothes online, then don't be, as a lot of retailers will allow you to return the clothes if they aren't to your satisfaction and you get your money back straight away. One such retailer with this kind of guarantee is Simply Be, who you can find online at www.simplybe.co.uk/. Simply Be are an online retailer who specialise in Plus Size Clothing, and the offer perhaps the largest selection of this kind of clothing out there. They offer a fantastic range of occasion dresses in sizes 14 to 32, so no matter what your shape or size, they will have a gorgeous dress for you. Right now, they are also running a phenomenal 50% off discount on lingerie and swimwear, so why not stock up while you are there?

Another retailer we recommend you check out that are offering a fantastic range of occasion dresses is Evans, and you can check them out at www.evans.co.uk/. Evans are more of a budget place to find an occasion dress, but they still have a fantastic array, and you are sure to find something nice there. At the time of writing, they are offering a fantastic 50% off their plus size range, meaning you can make extra savings!



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