The Stunning Transformation of the Obama Sisters

Over the years, the world's seen the transformation of Sasha and Malia Obama from tweens to adults. Their fashion style has often featured in the press. Initially, they wore outfits that complimented their father and mother's sense of style, but by the end of their father's time in office, they'd developed their style.


The event that marked the start of Obama's presidential journey was the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Back then, Sasha was seven, and Malia was ten years old. That day, they wore rich magenta hues as they stepped into the spotlight for the first time. By the time they were seen in public for Inauguration Day in January 2009, they were wearing clothes designed especially for them by J. Crew, a brand the sisters frequently turned to over the years. Malia wore a stunning sapphire blue wool coat with winter accessories. Her younger sister, Sasha, wore tones of pink and orange.

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Growing Family

By April 2009, there was a new addition to the family - a Portuguese water dog called Bo. He was a gift from Senator Kennedy. In that photo op, the world got to see the kids dressed casually as they chased their new dog around the South Lawn of the White House. Their father wore a suit and tie, but Malia wore jeans, and Sasha was running around in shorts.

Sunday Best

In total contrast to the shots of the girls with their dog are the images taken in 2010 outside St. John's Episcopal Church. By then, the girls were two years older - Sasha was 9, and Malia was 12. The girls wore their Sunday best for their visit to church. They wore dresses similar to their mother's. That day, their father wore a blue suit. That's no surprise to anyone who's followed the former president's sense of style. He only ever wore grey or blue suits during his time in office.


The 30th annual Christmas in Washington concert was the scene for their next big public event. They didn't look out of place among celebrities like Cee Lo Green, Jennifer Hudson, or Justin Bieber, thanks to the girls' stunning dresses. Malia, who was 13 at that time, wore a mustard-coloured satin dress with bell sleeves from Elizabeth and James, while her little sis wore a lavender dress.


Although their inauguration dresses were designed for them by J. Crew, they haven't had such personal service every time they've stepped out in public. The kids have their own sense of style because they buy their own clothes. For example, for their appearance at the Nickelodeon 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in March 2012, the girls wore clothing purchased from British online brand ASOS. NBC News looked into the girls' outfits and confirmed that Malia bought her leather belt for $36 and Sasha spent $75 on her monoprint dress.

Second Inauguration Day

When their father was sworn in for a second term in January 2013, Malia was 14, and Sasha was 11. They'd grown up in the spotlight and realised they were fashion icons. Malia wore J. Crew while Sasha decided on an outfit by Kate Spade.

Trip to China

When they were presented to President Xi Jinping, the girls wore red in China's honour. Sasha's crimson dress was cute, but Malia's $112 Topshop dress was a media sensation. The New York Daily News called it "the frock heard around the world." That headline helped lead to a mad rush, and the dress sold out in stores very soon after photos of the 15-year-old were plastered across the web.

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Christmas 2014

The 2014 Washington Christmas party was another occasion in which the girls' outfits stunned the world. Sixteen-year-old Malia wore a little black dress with stocking that showed she was now a young woman while her sister wore burgundy velvet when they met with patients from the Children's National Health System.

Turkey Pardoning

A year later in 2015, Malia, 17, rocked an American Apparel top with leggings and boots while her sister wore a sweater-jean skirt combo also by American Apparel. Earlier in the summer, the girls wore sundresses when they landed in Milan for a state visit. Sasha wore a seersucker dress with leather gladiator sandals, and Malia wore a grey heathered dress as seen in the picture above.

State Dinner

While attending their first state dinner at the White House in 2016, Malia and Sasha wore embroidered Naeem Khan gowns worth nearly $20,000. At the event, an emotional President Obama said, "When I first elected to this office, Malia was just ten, and Sasha was seven. And they grow up too fast. Now Malia is going off to college...and I'm starting to choke up."

Travelling the world

The family's Indonesian trip in 2017, during Obama's last year in office, was an exciting one for the girls. Their trip to Bali's Tirta Empul temple was another chance to show off their sense of style, although it was hampered a little by tradition and custom. According to an article in The Huffington Post, sarongs were given to them to cover up before entering a temple. The girls wore baseball caps for an athleisure look that was the right look for kids on holiday.

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