Oakley ski jackets in the UK

Oakley ski jackets in the UK

The Oakley brand will provide you with great quality, bold colors and very stylish ski wear for your next skiing holiday! There are a huge number of ski jackets available online now which will make you look fabulous and feel fantastic on those snow covered slopes! Oakley uses evolving technology so you’re guaranteed a well-made ski jacket that will last you time and time again.

There are a number of sites online offering discounted Oakley ski jackets including function 18 who sell ski jackets in the UK. You could choose to buy a twice layered ski jacket with chest and sleeve pockets so you can keep your belongings on you. This jacket is waterproof and offers breathability with its taped seams, this two layered jacket with fleece inside could be yours from as little as £179.99 and is available in an array of colors.

You may decide to wear a more padded jacket by Oakley, so you could pick a nylon down jacket which has a storm flap, interior pockets and quilted detailing to keep you extra warm. This jacket could be yours through function 18 for as little as £89.40 which is a huge saving from the original price of £149.00.

Ten eighty are another site which offer ski wear by Oakley - you could purchase an all weather ski jacket with its own polar inner fleece which you can either choose to wear together or separately. The Oakley brand offers great designs to make you look and feel great, and this jacket is no exception, it could be yours from as little as £152.00.

Oakley is a brand which you can wear and feel fashionable in the latest skiing trends!

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