Buy new Oakley ski goggles in 2014

Ski goggles are indispensable for they protect the eyes from the elements such as wind, snow and sun when you are at the slopes. Moreover, if you have the right ski goggles, vision is improved making your skiing experience better. If you are thinking of getting a new pair, buy new Oakley ski goggles this 2014.

The collection

Oakley is a trusted brand when skiing and other winter sports are concerned. It was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in California, USA. In addition to sports performance equipment and apparel, Oakley manufactures quality ski goggles, sunglasses, backpacks and optical frames. We take a look at the range of Oakley ski goggles in 2014:

  • Airbrake Goggles

This performance snow goggles come with interchangeable lens to make skiing more enjoyable due to improved visibility. You can change the lenses quickly and there are two lens colours to choose from. In addition, the lenses are 100% UV protected. The Airbrake Goggles will cost you from £137 to £228 a pair.

  • Canopy Goggles

Costing from £98 to £140, the Oakley Canopy Goggles has 100% UV protection shielding your eyes from the glare of harmful sun rays. The pair is designed to fit flawlessly with your helmets and prescription eyewear. They are treated 3x to reduce fogging which will affect visibility.

  • Crowbar Snow

The Crowbar Snow is another fantastic pair of ski goggles from Oakley. It is fitted with anti-fog and has 100% UV protection. This pair of goggles moulds perfectly with the contours of your face. Moreover, it is specially treated to resist fogging for perfect visibility at the slopes. It costs from £90 to £130.

Where to buy Oakley snow goggles

Oakley ski goggles in 2014 can be sourced from several suppliers such as Amazon (amazon.co.uk), Oakley (Oakley.co.uk), Wish Pro (wishpro.com), and EBay (ebay.co.uk). You can also check out high street stores in addition to sports shops and opticians where you can find a good selection of Oakley snow goggles.

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