O'Neill Snow Boots: From sea to snow.

Snow boots are a key component to any ski holiday, and no one says snow boots like O'Neill Snow Boots. Since their conception in 1952 by Pat O'Neill, O'Neill has led the way in wetsuit design, some even accredit Pat with inventing the modern day wetsuit. The family has developed huge ideas - Jack, Pat's son, lays claim to first attaching a "leach" to a surfboard so the rider wouldn't lose the board when they fell off. After years of perfecting the surf market the brand has branched out to include snow and skate boarding. With their background in wetsuits and keeping the rider warm in the water, keeping the rider warm on the snow seems like a normal progression. Warmth is a huge factor in purchasing a pair of snow boots, if the first time you wear your new boots you end you with frostbite and have to have three of the toes on your left foot removed, you tend not to wear those boots again.

The brand receives rave reviews with all their products and the snow boots are no different in that respect. Like other huge surf and snow brands like Quiksilver and Billabong, O'Neills help support surfers and communities offer events and competitions. What is particularly interesting about the O'Neill brand how they have kept since a small feel themselves even though they are a huge multinational clothing and equipment company. When you go to their website, www.oneill.com, where you can find their latest collection of snow boots and all other goods, you are first greeted by a screen showing a small map of California's coastline, and marked on the map is places that have been key in the companies birth, pleasure point and Streamer Lane, Jack's favourite break and the location of his first shop, and also his house. Which I think gives a very approachable feel to the company, like you could just pop over for tea one day and talk to Jack about life and snow boots.

Overall, their snow boots are excellently priced and of the highest quality, make sure you look around for the best deal, at sites like www.ebay.com and even places like www.craiglist.com can be great for a bargain. One things for sure though, you won't be disappointed with your brand new pair of O'Neill snow boots.

Happy Skiing.

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