Not Posh enough for Vogue US?

There aren't really many strings left that Posh hasn't added to her already copious bow: fashion designer, singer, philanthropist, model and mum of three. However, one target seems especially unobtainable for the former Spice Girl: getting to appear on the cover of Vogue US.

Despite having already appeared on the cover of five Vogue magazines based in other countries, including Turkey, Victoria sees this as her ultimate dream, having 'dreamt of being on that cover since she was little', the Metro Online reveals.

According to a close source, Posh has been going all out to charm the socks off Anna Wintour of Vogue US, by sending flowers and notes, in a bid to impress the infamous ice empress of the fashion world. But one celebrity stylist, Phillip Bloch is positive that Posh's cover shoot will never happen:

'She's getting a bit old. Anna loves relevance and youth: Victoria has neither. The only way she'd get the cover is to buy her way there.'

Maybe Posh could just set up her own magazine and be on the cover of that? Watch this space (reserved for ambitious U.S. entrepeneurialism).

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