No skinnies for Wintour

Stop the press. Some startling news has just hit the FashionJunkie inbox and we had to share it with you. Anna Wintour – fashion’s all-powerful behemoth – has been snapped wearing (you might want to sit down for this) jeans! Not just any jeans, either, but boot-cut jeans.

For a while now there have been murmurings that the boot-cut shape would overtake skinnies at the top of the style race, but frankly we found it hard to stomach, so ignored the rumours. But as flares made more regular appearances on the catwalks, we've had to face facts – boot cut is back. And now that Ms Wintour herself has been spotted in a pair of ankle-breathers, it’s safe to say the trend will be going nowhere in a hurry.

Anna opted for a $158 pair of jeans by J. Brand but there are plenty of cheaper high street options hitting the shelves in time for summer. ASOS has even taken the bold step of naming its new collection ‘70s summer’ and has a range of flared and bootcut jeans on offer. We recommend pairing flares with a good heel to help extend the leg and always avoid jeans that touch the ground, lest you end up with that unfortunate ‘pantomime horse’ look that can sometimes wrong-foot even the most proficient fashionistas.

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