No Photos Please: Tom Ford’s Private Launch

American fashion designer - turned - film director Tom Ford is aiming to recapture the glamorous mystique of fashion’s halcyon past by ensuring that his début London Fashion Week show today is an entirely private, intimate affair.

Ford’s new womenswear collection will be presented in front of a few specially selected guests with a strict prohibition on photography, bloggers and live streaming, according to the guardian. Whilst it is without doubt one of the shrewdest publicity stints London Fashion Week has seen, Ford modestly claims that all he promises for today’s highly anticipated show is some ‘pretty clothes’.

Ford, who left Gucci in 2004, explains it’s not just about exclusivity and elitism, but that his private show is an attempt to inject some intrigue back into the fashion industry and to avoid overexposure. ‘I want fashion to be fun again, like it was in the 1960s. You couldn't wait to get the clothes and put them on, and I think we've lost that.’

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