No one’s perfect

He’s one of British fashion’s brightest jewels, credited with bringing flair, humour and a whole lot of colour to men’s tailoring, but Paul Smith has still made his fair share of mistakes in the past, he admitted in a talk at the Apple store in Covent Garden yesterday.

According to Vogue.com the designer told his audience ‘I was in Nottingham recently standing on the train station platform and saw this guy wearing a bright turquoise terrible blue coat with dinosaurs all over it. I thought 'I recognise that coat' and then I remembered oh no, I designed that. Honestly I was tempted to push him under the train.’

He said that the secret to his success was to take things slow. Technology is not a major part of his life, he admits – he doesn’t have a computer although he does own an iPad. The designer also claimed that he doesn’t know what to do with himself on holiday and would rather be in the office, working. Um, sorry Paul, you lost us there…

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