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Fashion labels are having to rethink their habits as consumers turn away from ostentatious branding, the Mail Online reveals. Major brands such as Gucci are looking to distance themselves from the bling-tastic ‘more is more’ look, usually favoured by WAGs and newly evicted Big Brother stars, in favour of a more discreet approach. Gucci has seen profits increase by 87% since it started downplaying its famous GG logo, and Louis Vuitton recently unveiled a range of bags which bear almost no sign of the labels’s iconic LV motif.

Chairman of PPR, which owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Celina and Cottega Venata, told the Telegraph: 'our groups are moving toward fewer logos, more discreet luxury. It's a question of adapting our ranges very rapidly to this new perception of luxury, a luxury which is more subtle, more sophisticated - which is what we are doing.'

A spokesman for Harvey Nichols believes the recession has had a dramatic impact on our relationship with luxury goods: 'the recession has meant customers are looking away from the obvious, visible labels towards the more understated’. So basically, you can still splash the cash this season, just make sure you tuck your label in.

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