Presenting Nigerian fashion in London

The presence of Nigerian fashion in London would have been a remote possibility several years ago, but not anymore. With the recent launch of Ndani or the Nigerian Fashion Project at Selfridges, the pop up store is a one-stop shop for Nigerian designers and artists to showcase their work. The show which runs from December 1 to January 2 gives shoppers a chance to look at outfits and accessories made by top Nigerian designers and artists.

Ndani is Nigeria's best

  • Artists involved

Nigerian fashion in London is finally a reality. For so long, African art, landscape, and its people have been original sources of inspiration in the fashion world. Recently, the likes of Gucci, Michael Kors, and Roberto Cavalli used African patterns in their collections. Even grand dame Vivienne Westwood paid tribute to Africa in her Ethical Fashion Africa Collection.

Now it's time to show the works of Nigerian artists and designers such as Lanre da Silva Ajayi, Lisa Folawyio, Tiffany Amber, Odio Mimonet, and Eki Orleans. Upcoming young designers such as Agu Anumudu and Jennifer Adighije are also there.

  • What to expect

Ndani provides shoppers with the opportunity to shop luxurious products and collections crafted by African artists. Nigeria and Africa in general love prints and bold colours. During the Arise show in March 2013, collections will not only show the traditional everyday wear (Ankara), but also lines of silk dresses with African themes. A multitude of designs and creations with distinct designs and creations from Nigeria's best will be paraded.

Jewellery will be lavishly embellished with beads, showcasing the expertise of Nigerians in using them in ethnic showpieces. Rich and vibrant colours dominate the edit collection at Ndani, although each one the participating designers has distinct creative styles.

  • An honour

Nigerian designers see this as a welcome breakthrough in their quest for recognition in the cutthroat fashion industry. Selfridges, voted Best Department Store in the World in the Global Department Store Summit in Paris 2012, is a fitting place to showcase Nigerian fashion in London. Designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi says, "Coming to Selfridges and bringing my collection to a wider audience is a dream come true. It gives my brand key positioning that strategically places us at the centre of the world’s retail fashion industry."

Hopefully a mainstay

We hope that this recognition of originality is just the beginning of Nigerian artistry on showcase. Nigerian fashion in London is hopefully, one of the series of various collections that will grace the shop alongside big runway names. Until then, we can’t wait for new fashion talents from other corners of the world to join the ranks.

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