Nicola Roberts is voted Cosmo's Ultimate Fashionista

Poor old Cheryl Cole is having a hard time in fashion land, it seems. First were the media suggestions that Dannii was leading in the style stakes on the X Factor, whilst Cheryl lagged behind in the dreary, safe world of black dresses. Next comes the news that her Girls Aloud buddy Nicola Roberts has been voted Ultimate Fashionista at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year awards, with Cheryl nowhere to be seen.

Nicola accepted her award in a stunning green leopard print dress, with an Oriental twist. The redhead looked gorgeous as she took to the red carpet, presumably wearing make up from her own Dainty Doll range, launched earlier this year.

Metro does point out that Cheryl fans needn’t worry about any hurt feelings – Cheryl won Glamour’s Best Dressed Female Celebrity award in April this year. It’s only fair that she lets one of her pals have the limelight for a while. And we have a sneaky suspicion that they might not take these awards all TOO seriously anyway…

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