Nicki Minaj in new video wearing gold chain and leather Moschino jacket

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Nicki Minaj just dropped a hot new video for her single 'Lookin Ass N*gga', which will be out on Cash Money compilation Rise Of an Empire, due March 11.

The video, directed by American- Iranian photographer Nabil, focuses on the rap star in the desert scantily clad in black string, black leather and golden chains, her natural hair pulled in a fierce ponytail and brandishing heavy machine guns.

The whole story, as the title of the song may suggest, revolves around how much the hip hop queen doesn't appreciate ordinary men daring to look at her famous b-side. In fact, the guy in the video that stares too long gets showered in bullet from the curvy missus' automatic rifle. The thing is, with that outfit, it would be impossible if she didn't get stared at. We suppose what she is really saying is: don't even dare, unless you're as loaded in gold as much as my Moschino jacket. Point taken, Nicki. Now, let's look at that jacket.

It is the statement piece of the Lookin Ass N*gga video: a golden chain, leather bare-jacket by Moschino that perfectly matches in sheerness and sensuality the rest of Nicki's outfit. Indeed, it is the perfect complement to Nicki's black string, see-trough swimming suit and star-shaped nipple-covers, and is in turned matched by a whole load of extra gold jewellery – without falling into the Mr.T look though.

Designed by Rossella Jardini for the Moschino Spring-Summer ready-to-wear collection back in 2010, the showy piece is built by a black leather frame that links several gilt chains together. Even if you adore chains, it's a little bit OTT, and precisely because of that it's been a hit with superstars and wanna-bes ever since: the February 2010 issue of Vogue Paris featured Daria Werbowy wearing it, Jennifer Lopez posed in it for Elle magazine, and Alicia Keys wore for her performance on American Music Awards the same year.

VIDEO Nicki Minaj new single 'Lookin Ass N*gga'

Needless to say, this extraordinary jacket has been sold out for a while, but if you're prepared to spend over £3000 ( a bit more than its original price) you may still be able to grab yourself a second hand one from Ebay.

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