Next online shopping for 2013 Summer dresses

With the heatwave continuing and last Wednesday having being declared the hottest day of the year, it may be time to invest on some pretty and cool summer dresses to beat the heat in the city.

Next.co.uk has a large selection of summer frocks and luckily you can take advantage of the 50% off that they are offering, so you can add to your summer wardrobe without taking a big bite out of your pocketbook.

Almost all the dresses are classic models - for both work and for fun nights out - and they’ll stand up to the changes in fashion trends and won’t be out of style next season.

You’ll find great bodycon dresses like a monochrome one in gray with black panels in 100% cotton or the eye-catching feather print.

If bodycon dresses are just a little too figure revealing, then you certainly have to take a peek at the 'two-in-one' dresses.

Obviously these frocks are not like Turkish designer’s Hussein Chayalan’s transformation dresses, that turns shorts dresses into long ones with just a tug of cord - these feature simple and straight silhouettes, that are clever, versatile and never boring.

Next’s 2-in-1’s dresses have pencil skirts and flowing sleeveless or half sleeve bodices with scoop necklines that you can spice up with some great accessories.

The lace trendis still going strong, so obviously there number of lace dresses to choose from - both long and short - in black, white and nude colors and with different sleeve styles to suit any important occasion or just for a different day-to-day look.

You’ll find available different dress styles to suit any body shape, from peplum, shifts, tea, skaters, wrap and belted models.

For a night out on the town, Next has a sheer sleeved studded dress, studded mesh, metallic styles and also strappy sequin numbers and embellished neck models, but if you want to spend more and have more styles to choose from, you definitely have to check out the Lipsy VIP collection.

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