News Flash: Tights are Alright

Ladies, forget everything you thought you knew about style. Vast tombs of sartorial wisdom are being thrown into the street, their pages scattered in the wind. Why? We hear you cry. What is the cause of this era-changing revolution? We’ll tell you – tan tights are back.

According to the Daily Mail this trend has been picked up by some of our most trusted style celebs including Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Claudia Schiffer. The preferred shade is Wolford’s Luxe 9 (denier), which have a slight sheen and are, according to Wolford’s ‘like make up on your skin’.

For us Brits, this news may come with a sigh of relief. Long have we watched those LA beauties parade down the red carpet, bare legs proudly displaying the wondrous effects that a grueling gym regime and regular sun exposure can achieve, whereas streaky fake tan and goose pimples tend to be a reality for a lot of us. Now you can march into M&S and, for a mere tenner, become the gorgeous-limbed siren you knew you were - confident in the knowledge that her fashion holiness SJP approves.

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