New York Loves Posen

US fashion designer Zac Posen firmly established his position as the go-to man for every hour-glass-figured celeb, in New York last week.

Posen was catapulted into tabloid-name-recognition after he dressed Mad Men star Christina Hendricks for the Emmy Awards last month. Christina, who is a size 14, quickly made it into the fashion headlines for her stunning figure, with many claiming that it signaled the end of the ‘waif era’.

Posen presented his Z Spoke diffusion line in New York and celebrity attendance was high. According to the Daily Mail, front row A-listers included Claire Danes, Carmen Electra, Michelle Trachtenberg, Paz de la Huerta and Kimora Lee Simmons. The collection stayed true to Posen’s previous shows, presenting a flattering 50s silhouette, but this time he opted for bright florals and a wallflower-bashing colour palette. Vogue.com wrote: 'nothing here was subtle, and it may not be for everyone, but Posen banks on the fact that there are enough designers out there working on quotidian closet-fillers.' Zac was certainly not afraid to carry the bold colour scheme into his own outfit at the launch party, which consisted of raspberry jacket, burgundy velvet trousers and lilac shirt.

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