Have you seen the new Tesco engagement and wedding ring on sale?

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There is a new Tesco engagement and wedding ring set on sale now. In these times of financial difficulty and tightening of belts, the days of extravagant weddings are numbered. People are realising that getting married is not all about the huge dress, buffet for two hundred guests and the classic car. Instead, it is the sentiment of being married and showing your love and commitment to your other half in front of your family and friends that is important.

Whereas in the past, an engagement ring traditionally set the groom back a month's salary, these days that kind of money is not so easy to find, especially with the price of gold rocketing to record levels. Couples are spending less on the engagement and wedding rings and putting any spare cash away for a rainy day instead.

Tesco have been quick to catch on to this trend and now have a wedding department. As well as dresses for brides and bridesmaids and suits for grooms and ushers, there is also a new Tesco engagement and wedding ring set on sale. The engagement ring costs just £15. The band is made from gold plated silver and features a zirconia solitaire stone, often used as an alternative to diamonds. The wedding ring costs another £15 if bought at the same time and is made from nine carat gold, weighing 0.55g. The supermarket giant is also selling fourteen carat gold plated silver pendants and earrings from £15 from the online store.

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