New McQueen collection is a hit

McQueen’s new creative director, Sarah Burton, was lavished with praise after her first solo outing for the label in Paris yesterday. The Evening Standard has rounded up quotes from some of the world’s leading fashion critics, who seemed to agree unanimously that this was a triumphant collection from the woman McQueen often referred to as his ‘right hand aide’.

Vogue said ‘there were exquisite clothes accompanied by a sense of optimism. It was great to see that Sarah had stamped her own feelings on this collection’, whilst Grazia claimed that McQueen ‘would have been proud of the tenderness and respect with which this team has taken his design signatures and gently moved them on to another plain’.

The collection lacked some of the darkness that Alexander McQueen had previously favoured, and many critics agree it was all the stronger for it. It is welcome news to those who wondered how long the label would be able to continue without its eponymous leader at the helm.

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