New H&M campaign for David Beckham, the exclusive backstage shots

David Beckham is back for a new advertisement and a new dose of seduction. The campaign for the new H & M underwear collection, designed by David in person, will be launched very soon.

The Swedish clothing brand has just unveiled some "behind the scenes" pics, shot on the streets of Beverly Hills, and for what we can see the footballer turned model turned designer doesn't certainly need any post production retouch with Photoshop. His natural body is as fit and totally sexy as ever. Lucky you, Victoria!

The next campaign looks quite action-packed and dynamic, very different from the previous one in which David featured half or full length. The backstage images immortalise Mr Beckham as he runs avoiding a jeep, through a tennis court wearing just a pair of shorts and slippers. It looks like he is involved in some kind of chase, and in fact the promo shot by director Guy Ritchie sees him running after a thief wearing nothing more than his underwear.

Besides the muscles and tattoos, the images focus on the new lingerie created by the footballer, which is very similar for style and materials to the previous collection, with a minimal and comfortable design, and a new range of colours, including military green. The basic undies were a great success with the public, thanks to David Beckham's campaign and the brand hopes to repeat the same great achievement with this new advertisement.

The official H&M video is scheduled for the 6th February, when the store will start merchandising the new bodywear collection. In the meanwhile enjoy the New H&M campaign for David Beckham, the exclusive backstage shots photo gallery

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