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On the 27th of March 2011 the RFl showed fans the first glimpses of the glitzy new England rugby league shirt which was only worn by the team for the first time in June. If you want to wear one as well they were on general sale since May, so you could be a step ahead. The sportswear brand ISC came on board with them and became their main partner.

The shirt has a vibrant look of white and red and the kit draws its inspiration from the national flag and the England RL crest. ISC have designed the kit to reflect England Rugby League’s fresh approach to international competition with the red St George’s cross emblazoned across the chest. The kit is designed to keep the body cooler, drier and comfortable throughout the eighty minutes of action.

There are many places where you can purchase your England shirt and if you are a fan of on line shopping check out these websites.

Rugbyleagueonline.co.uk have the new shirt available for £45 and they also have the away shirt and if you have a toddler one can be yours for £29.99. You can buy from these very easily just add the new shirt to your trolley and they will get it shipped to you in very quick time so you could be kitted out quickly.

Jjbsports.com is the website of one of the biggest sports shops in the UK and have England shirts in all shapes and sizes. JJB sports can be found almost in every corner of the UK so you can pick one up very easily.

The new England rugby league shirt is moving off the shelves very quick so get yours today.

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