Never Underdressed

May 2013 will see the launch of Never Underdressed, the new digital fashion and beauty platform created by ShortList Media. Publisher of free weeklies Shortlist, Stylist and Mode, ShortList Media aims now at creating the first digital magazine that “combines the high-gloss production values of monthly fashion magazines with the hourly speed and immediacy of the web".

The Elle of the digital era

What we will witness in few weeks is the launch of “the most ambitious digitalfashion and beauty brand this country has ever seen”: a high gloss fashion magazine specifically designed to keep constantly updated and visually enthralled the fast growing public using phones and tablets for their online browsing and shopping. From the company's point of view, the need for a digital version of glossy fashion magazine must have been dictated by the radical change in the way women consume fashion that we have been witnessing in recent years.The core of the fashion market is shifting from the highstreets to the digital avenues, where proliferating retails sites offer an evergrowing range of shopping experiences that can be enjoyed comfortably virtually anywhere.With a website specifically designed for phone and tablets, Never Underdressed will combine original photography and video with up-to-the-minute news, galleries and features.

The project is solidly based on the strong shoulders of experts like editor Carrie Tyler and publisher Lucy Alexander, who previously held senior positions on brands such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, The Independent, Stella and Sunday Times Style. Their team, apparently, is just as strong and together they aim at delivering the best content and the widest range of stories.

Another commitment though is in the publishers' mind. As the norm with free magazine, the least to expect is to find a ludicrous amount of spots and ads to make up for the loss of intake from sales. With a website specifically designed for phone andtablets, Never Underdressed will try and capitalize the huge market for advertisement in areas still relatively unexplored, and where thepublic isn't yet annoyed by it but, on the contrary, still positively engaging. For the time being, of course.

In the (rather scary) words of Lucy Alexander, the team at Never Underdressed is “ thrilled to bring a range o finnovative, immersive new advertising formats that extend across desktop, tablet and mobile and allow brands to deliver consistent, high-impact campaigns across all platforms simultaneously." This translates in a solid, full on, simultaneous marketing bombing from all side. A dedicated, personalized army of advertisments designed on our taste will follow and target us whenever browsing the site, on any of the platform we will use. Whether it will work effectively, it's another matter altogether...

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