Information on Finding Ness Handbags

Ness handbags provide the modern woman with a way of maintaining their charm and elegance affordably. Ness has been a household name in the UK for a long time due to the quality, elegance and durability of their tweed products. Tweed has always been a favourite in most of the British Isles.


Ness clothing company is based in Glasgow, Scotland and all their items showcase that distinctive Scottish check style of the famous kilt. Their bags are similarly designed, including the typically lively red and blue colours. The glaring design and colours may not be ideal for your office hours, but a Ness wrist bag would be wonderfully ideal to take with you on a weekend picnic or any other social occasion.

Finding Ness bags

Ness shops and stockists are literally all over the British Isles. Simply walk down to your nearest clothing shop and search for a Ness bag of your liking. You can also get more information from their site (listed below) which shows you where their stores and third party stockists are physically located. While you are there, you can also peruse the designs of their bags, purses and wallets and directly make an order. A number is also available there for you to call to have your bag delivered right to your doorstep. Listed here are sites from which you can buy Ness bags.

  • Argos.co.uk
  • Mcgillivrays.co.uk
  • Kiltmakers.co.uk

Cost of Ness Bags

Ness offers a full line of handbags, wallets and purses. Unlike other designer bags, with as little as £15, you can get a genuine Ness accessory. Prices do go up to £70 for more intricate designs of Ness handbags, though.

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