N-Dubz To Launch Clothing Line

All the celebs are at it these days. Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson…they’ve all played the cloth-cutting game and come up trumps. Now it’s N-Dubz turn to prove their skillz as designers as they prepare to launch their own fashion line.

The band will produce two separate lines, one for girls and one for boys, through their brand Nanawear. The clothing range will feature t-shirts, trousers, dresses and accessories, all delivering that unmistakable N-Dubz style flair. Frazer told the Sun ‘Everybody who knows us can tell we like to look a certain way. These are going to be well tailored though, they aren’t going to be cheap looking.’

Female member Tulissa will take care of the girls collection. According to Frazer ‘Everyone always talks about Tulisa’s style too. She’ll buy a dress for £15, then when she wears it on the red carpet, everyone thinks it’s designer.’ There’s no news yet as to when the collections will be unleashed on the general public. We’re afraid, we’re very afraid.

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