Naomi & Kate return to the catwalk

Fashion folk lucky enough to bag a ticket to Marc Jacobs' show for Louis Vuitton in Paris today were treated to the very special double-whammy of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell strutting their stuff on the catwalk - a rare sighting that was sure to have model-spotters (think train-spotters but with less waterproof clothing) scribbling furiously into their notepads.

The two veritable Queens of the Catwalk joined 67 other models to be ferried up to the stage in four gilded elevators, flanked by bellboys - according to The Telegraph. The show was a celebration of excess and indulgence, featuring (according to Vogue) 'french maids, men in uniform, women in uniform, S&M, little girls playing grown-up games, blind folds, bondage [and] crystal handcuffs'. Just your average Tuesday night in Paris, then.

Naomi wore a sweater and skirt, topped with a doorman-style cap, whilst Kate finished the show in a puffy-armed black body and fetish boots, casually smoking a cigarette with an air of confident nonchalance that will take the 'smoking is not cool' message back about 50 years.

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