Naked Models Make The Fash-Pack Blush

In what may seem a case of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ gone mad, London designer Charlie Le Mindu hit the headlines this weekend when he presented a show at London Fashion Week featuring completely naked models, reports Metro.

The models sported Le Mindu’s new collection with unfailing professionalism, striding down the catwalk without even a fig leaf to protect their modesty. Despite there being not a scrap of fabric in sight, hairdresser Le Mindu’s collection was highly visible from the neck up – stunning wigs in various shapes, sizes and colours that cross the divide between fashion, beauty and art.

Le Mindu complimented the wigs with huge hats, bright pink platform boots and hair-decorated handbags. The French-born designer, who lists (unsurprisingly) Lady Gaga as one of his celebrity fans, is known for his sensationalist style and has courted controversy several times in his short career. He outraged animal rights activists at his debut show in 2009 when he presented a headdress made of real rat and mice carcasses. Quelle horreur!

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