Madly in Love with the Mulberry Slouch Bag? Yeah Me Three!

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The Mulberry slouch bag is known by other names and comes in a few variations. One alternate name is the hobo bag, but being Mulberry, there is nothing hobo about the slouch. Its name comes from the soft falling leather, so soft it tumbles into half formed pleats along the zip line when you carry it on on your shoulder.

It is a very casual bag and really suited for day wear. It's made with waxy leather and gold hardware for all exterior buckles and joinery and has just one shoulder strap which is braided leather with ring detail.

The Mulberry plaque adorns the front of the slouch bag and this bag also offers its owner full zip closure, a zip pocket and an inner pocket especially for your mobile phone.

Dimensionally - it's a very balanced bag with its width nearly matching its height - making for the perfect daywear fashion accessory. In height it's 32cm and then 34cm in width. The strap drops by 20cm and is fixed at that length so you can always wear your slouch comfortably over your shoulder and neatly tucked into the side of your body.

The Mulberry slouch bag is most definitely the most casual of the Mulberry family and comes with as much room as one to envy that of Mary Poppins. You can get it in an array of colours but for the slouch go for khaki, brown or black to match its casual comfortable personality. Join the posse of Chung and Barton and treat yourself to a magnificent Mulberry today!

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