The Magnificent Mulberry Saddle Bag

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The Mulberry saddle bag is the epitome of vintage chic. It exudes the in vogue country style. Its size is manageable, its strap length is adjustable and it even has antiqued brass hardware. What's not to love about the Mulberry saddle bag.

The Mulberry saddle bag is perfect for carrying around your day time essentials or for a casual night out it's small enough to be discreet but make a gentle statement at the same time. It's made with scothgrain and saddle leather and takes the shape of your stereotypical cowboy's water carrier. It's rectangular with rounded corners at the bottom.

Its adjustable strap means that you can make it short to your waist or drop it down to your hip. The strap is between 114cm and 140cm. You can wear it on your shoulder loose or perhaps across your back for that cool messenger look.

There's an inner zipped side pocket, an outer back pocket for quick access and has buckle fastening closure. The larger size of the Mulberry saddle bag comes in the dimensions of 24cm height and 20 cm width so it's such a neat bag to wear without being too conservative.

To really experience that country vintage chic of late you need only open your Mulberry saddle bag and be greeted by the Mulberry plaid cotton fabric interior. Duffle coat anyone?

The vintage Mulberry saddle bag wouldn't be complete without the handcrafted leather tag embossed with the infamous mulberry tree print. The Mulberry saddle bag is where Horse and Hound meets chic and cheek. They're fabulous! Start looking for your Mulberry saddle bag on websites like Preloved and I Dig Vintage now.

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