How to Find a Mulberry Congo Purse

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The Mulberry Congo leather collection is classic vintage. With the eponymous leather print they're even more popular now that they have become even harder to come by. Congo leather never dates and always looks its best. It could never look anything other than authentic. But with no congo leather in their latest collection - how can one find themselves a Mulberry Congo Purse?

If you check out The Purse Blog you can get the full low down on what's real and what's not, where to locate a vintage collection item and what price you should pay. You can join any forum and leave a question for an obliging member. According to one Purse Blog member the Mulberry Congo Purse came in red, brown and black and you could also get it mixed with scotch grain leather.

With the classic Mulberry Congo Purse you have room for 8 cards, two note money compartments held closed with a press stud and then a separate compartment for coins also with a press stud.

Places you could find a Mulberry Congo purse are sites like eBay - remembering always to check for authenticity of item and seller. You can check reputation of eBay seller quite easily as a rating is beside their online profile. At the time of writing this article there are about 8 Mulberry Congo purses for sale on eBay and bids start at £10 - £30. You can also try the UK website Love Handbags for more choice and deals.

So there you have it - in no time and for little money you can be bonded with an authentic vintage Mulberry Congo purse. Enjoy!

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