Kit them out for winter with Muddy Puddles snow boots

Children love the snow. At least they love it for the 20 minutes before they start to feel wet and cold.  To keep them out there enjoying the snow for longer, find the right pair of Muddy Puddles snow boots.

Muddy Puddles (muddypuddles.com) have a range of snow boots to suit kids from babies up to teens, in shades from the most garish of girly pinks to discreet grays and navy.

The Baby Snow Boot, in pink or blue, is ideal for toddlers taking their first tentative steps on the snow. They have a grippy sole and a toe bumper, and a Velcro strap to make them easy to put on when kids are eager to be out playing. The fleecy lining will keep tiny toes warm. They cost £15.

The Thermal Winter Snowboots are ideal for long spells of playing in the ice and snow. They have a waterproof base, splash proof padding around the ankle and are lined with super soft thermal fleece. You can also toggle the tops tight to keep out the snow. They are available in blue and pink at £26-£27.

The Heavenly Snow Boots, with their furry toggles, are as much fashion item as practical snow wear. They are ultra-warm and waterproof, with a faux fur lining and toggle tightening to keep warmth in and snow out. The price is £39.50.

Once you have sorted out their choice of Muddy Puddles snow boots, get the rest of their outdoor wear from a ski and snow specialist like Born 2 Be Cool (born2becool.com), where you will find jackets, padded socks, ski trousers, woolly hats, gloves, and everything you'll need to enjoy the whitest winter.

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