Learn About Move and Moda Handbags

Move and Moda handbags are sold at wholesale prices and are an elegant accessory for today’s woman. Brand names and reputations aside, they are as trendy and sassy as anything else in the market if not more. Their rarity in the market has made them much sought-after. Move and Moda collections are an assortment of various brands and sometimes replicas of mainstream brands. This means you have a great variety of handbags to choose from.

Availability of Move and Moda Bags

All over the UK, Move and Moda products can be found in almost any clothes retail shop. This is because Move and Moda is basically a wholesaler of handbags which it gets from various fashion houses. It is advisable to pay a visit to your nearest clothes and accessories outlet and make inquiries there. You can place an order for a Move and Moda wrist bag while there. The alternative is to scour the online stores that stock designer bags and see which Move and Moda designs are available. Below is a short list of online stores to start you off:

  • Modahandbag.com
  • Fashionshop.co.uk
  • Leathershop.co.uk

Cost of the Bags

This really depends on the design you want. The Move and Moda website provides a robust search engine that you can use to search for bags based on brand, colour and price range. A genuine Chloe Coffee Paraty Tote goes for £224. You can get a much cheaper replica version on the same site. That is the beauty of Move and Moda handbags.

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