Moss-stock kicks off on Friday

Kate Moss's wedding has been hyped as the rock royalty event of the decade, and the supermodel is going to great lenghts to ensure the bash lives up to its billing. Moss has planned a three-day extravangaza in the village of Farringdon in Oxfordshire, and the debauched bash has been nicknamed - what else? - Mosstock.

A lucky invitee told The Australian Telegraph, 'She wants it to be a party to remember and like a small festival. It's a no expense spared do, though most of her budget will probably go on booze. She is going to be serving Keith Richards' shepherd's pie, Steve Tyler's thai curry and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie's sausage and mash. And her cocktails have been inspired by her favourite hotel, the Jamaica Inn in the Caribbean.'

For decor, Kate has decided to ironically tip a nod to her debauched partying past. The supermodel has commissioned bespoke bunting with skulls, flowers, headlines of her escapades, flowers and photos. Well, it beats Cath Kidston...

Music will be provided by an eclectic bunch; Beth Ditto, Snoop Dogg and Shirley Bassey have all been invited to perform.

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