Moschino, Spring / Summer 2010

Moschino's had a bad rap in times gone by: hijacked by the blinging, tack crowd for services not helpful to fashion, it seemed to fall off the radar a bit in the early Noughties. Well the Italian fashion giant has just shown a spring summer 2010 collection which puts it squarely back on the runway of all things playful, urban and fabulous.

Black and white prints teamed with big brash gold jewellery and shoes opened the show. Ultra mini boobtube dresses in navy blue, and schoolgirl style shift dresses with strong shoulders featured as did cutesy round neck jackets with white trim detailing and ruched mini skirts. Navy inspired hats worn with huge loop earrings gave a glittery, urban gypsy feel to proceedings. An off the shoulder white minidress with cherry motif grabbed attention and a baby blue, mini trench - so spot on this season - is crying out to be teamed with capri pants and ballets, preferably in Springtime Paris! Later on in the show it was all about hyper colourful mini dresses, cinched in at the waist with vibrant kimono style belts and skyscraper gold heels.

Urban, brash, and fun. Moschino, we salute you.

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