Moschino Resort 2014 Collection

The new Moschino resort 2014 collection was unveiled in Shanghai last June 2013. With a predominantly 40s look, the collection showcases winning pieces from the Italian house as a tribute to 30 years of its existence. Blacks, reds, whites and bright colours dominate the collection. It was also an attempt to break in the growing Asian market.

The collection

Bold jackets, shirts, coats and dresses highlight the Moschino resort 2014 collection, as follows:

  • Colours

Red, black and white are the predominant hues of the collection whether as an individual colour or in combination with other shades.

  • Patterns

Whether plain or combined with other colours, the collection has a delightful twist with the introduction of floral prints. Ideal for the warmer months, you can don on a bright flower print dress with its butterfly sleeves and sheer scalloped hem. There are other exciting styles for you to wear.

  • Design

Cool and sharp lines grace the collection. One of the outstanding pieces is the all white ensemble dress with long sleeves and ruffled front. Paired with a black hat and snappy shoes, it is a great showpiece. For the workplace, the smart white shirt and matching shorts makes it a casual yet stylish outfit. A smart 4-button black blazer dresses it up along with a hot pair of red shoes.

The all black pants suit is another impressive piece that can be worn by the career woman. A white collar and piping soften the otherwise somber and black mood. Six gold buttons give it a classic look. Match this piece with red shoes and purse.

For evening glam, enjoy the blue pleated dress with a matching black blazer or a one piece dress in white swirling just above the knee.


When it comes to prints, you will find every piece from the Moschino resort 2014 collection exciting. Admire the black dress with an unusual ruffle at the neck. It comes in a flower print. Enjoy a halter neck dress with an attractive floral print or an alluring onesie with a low scooped neckline. From casual to formal occasions, there is a Moschino piece ready for you to step into.

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